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DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The conference “Training course on strategic planning of IP (intellectual property)” has been added to from ResearchAndMarkets.com offer.

It is widely accepted that intangible assets represent up to 80% of the value of most companies, making it vital for companies to align their IP strategy with their business strategy.

For some, IP strategy will drive the business agenda. However, for most companies that have grown organically, it is critical that a strategic intellectual property plan be developed and implemented in order to protect company assets as well as maximize the value of those assets. Whether you don’t have a strategy currently in place or just need to develop your current strategy and gain management buy-in, this course is for you.

This highly interactive seminar will provide you with the practical knowledge, skills and toolkit (DIPS) to enable you to implement an IP strategy for your business. Starting from a matrix model linking innovation to value creation/capture and the role of intellectual property in it, you will learn and apply a structured methodology, step by step, to put in place an aligned strategic plan. on R&D and commercial objectives. Case studies and real life examples will be used throughout the course to help embed the learning, as well as the possibility of direct application to situations of your choice with coaching from our expert trainer.

Seminar fees include access to an online self-assessment survey to help you assess your company’s (or your client’s) IP strategy readiness, with access to the DIPSOnline platform .

Participants will have access to certain documents before the seminar (see the paragraph on documentation below). About two hours will be needed to read and prepare.


  • Pre-reading: contains all cases, plus facts and data used during examples and teamwork

  • Theory book: contains all models and frameworks learned during the seminar

  • Workbook: contains all the practical information needed to apply the cases to executives during teamwork

  • Post-Reading: Contains all stakeholder feedback provided after the teamwork, as well as additional information and guidance for best applying the frameworks to your own environment

Main topics covered:

Introduction and icebreaker

Concepts of strategic management applied to intellectual property

Challenges Facing Businesses

  • Anonymous Industry Insights from 400+ IP Professionals: When First Set Up Strategic IP Management

  • Strategy implementation

  • Strategy Execution

IP Policy Toolkit

  • Learn the ‘IP Policy Options Matrix’

  • Link to IA Management and Innovation

  • Apply to real cases during teamwork assignments

  • Group discussion and feedback

Introduction to the DIPS planning methodology

Project Management Insights

DIPS planning methodology

  • Implement

  • Business alignment

  • Market positioning

  • IP Audit

  • GAP/SWOT analysis and prioritization

  • The plan and the roadmap

  • Apply the DIPS planning methodology to three mini-cases

    • (1) SME-PI alignment

    • (2) Innovation / R&D management

    • (3) IP planning during cooperation

For more information on this conference, visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/byu07w


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