$20 million investment in new ECG churches worldwide


the Church of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) set up a $20 million fund to help build ECG churches around the world. The head of the ECG, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, made the announcement on Sunday evening during a special policy presentation aimed at explaining how the church will be run in the fiscal years 2022-2023.

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ECG Church Project Plans

According to Bushiri, the church, which is headquartered in Lilongwe, Malawi and Bangladesh, has made it a goal for each branch pastor of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church to come up with new ideas that would help their respective branches of the Church. ECG church in their respective regions to attract more people to church. All pastors in the ECG church branch will develop their own building structures, according to Bushiri, and submit their church building projects to the ECG church headquarters for approval to obtain part of the fund. $20 million in the form of a loan, which the branches would repay. overtime.

According to Bushiri, the church leadership chose this position to ensure that all ECG churches across the world are contemporary and contribute to the development of their nations’ infrastructure. ECG has offices in 73 countries around the world. He went on to say that all church pastors must submit plans that include not only the construction of prayer rooms but also schools and hospitals as part of their initiatives to improve the delivery of social services in their communities.

Besides the money, Bushiri took the opportunity to warn all ECG pastors around the world to stay away from party politics. He explained to them that the ECG Church recognizes and adheres to the concepts that church and state complement each other in the service of the people and therefore they should preach outside the pulpit.

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